Year 11 – Remote Learning


You will be joining interactive google meets to communicate with your teachers. You will also be using Google Classroom to access work that your teachers will set for you. A couple of pointers:

  • Google Meet:
    • You MUST keep your camera off, and muted. Unless your teacher gives you other instructions.
    • If the messaging system is enabled, please only ask relevant and timely questions
    • If you disrupt the meeting you will have to be blocked, this will prevent you from joining back in the meeting and we will contact home before we can allow you back into the meeting for the next lesson. 
  • Google Classroom:
    • You must complete the quizes when asked, some of these will be used as registers.
    • Please only post timely and relevant questions.

Any problems you can email: for support.


 If for any reason you cannot connect to a lesson, email your teacher and complete your target and optional Sparx work.




Click the link for your class – this will take you to the correct google classroom where you will find your assignments. If your teacher is teaching the lesson live they will post a link to an online Google Meeting.