Year 10 Remote Learning

Here is all the information you will need to access remote learning. Please read this carefully:

  • Log in to Google: You MUST be logged into your school google account to join the classrooms and google streams. Follow this link and make sure you are logged in with your “” school email address.


  • Google Classrooms: You have been invited to many different classrooms, one for each subject. It is easy to find the right classroom by using the calendar below. You can use the classroom to send messages to your teacher if needed.


  • Live Streamed Lessons: Most of our lessons will be live streamed, this means you will be able to see what your teacher is doing, but you will not be able to talk to them directly, or to share your video with them. Links for you to view streams will be posted in the classrooms


  • Register Quiz: At the start of each period 2 and period 4 you will be assigned a simple registration quiz. You MUST complete this quiz when asked.

 If for any reason you cannot find your lesson, email your teacher and complete your Optional and Target Sparx work


Click on the subject link for each lesson. This will take you to the correct classroom for that lesson. If your lesson is being streamed live your teacher will post a link in the assignment.

Remember: You must go to your year group classroom at the start of every period 2 and period 4 to complete the register.