Thursday 31st March – Year 8 Remote Learning

by | Mar 30, 2022

Today you will all be completing 5 lessons during the day.

These lessons are NOT live, and you do not need to log onto any google meetings.

You do not need to complete this in order, but you are expected to complete them today.


Lesson 1: English

Year 8: you are going to be studying Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ next cycle.  You might already know parts of the story. Three important characters are the ‘Three Witches’ who have ‘beards’ and who cast spells using ‘eye of newt, and toe of frog’. But what did people believe about witches in Jacobean society? Click on the link to the Oak Academy lesson and find out. You will need pen and paper and your brain. Watch out for the witches, though!


Lesson 2: Maths


Staff Code

Lesson Code


Mrs Nixon



Mr Godfrey



Miss Sadler



Mr Jarman



Miss Kingdom



Mrs Stevens



Mrs Evans



Miss Storey



Lesson 3: Science

First task for all:  Follow link to the year 8 knowledge test and complete the 20 questions

Watch the oak academy link.  Pause and answer the questions at the appropriate points.  Check your answers and correct if needed.

Reviewing Periodic table:


Lesson 4: Geography

In Cycle 3, we will be studying a topic on rivers in which we will learn about the processes that operate and landforms that are created by river systems.  This lesson will consider why rivers are important, both in the UK and the wider world. Please follow the link to the quiz and the video, following the instructions as you go. You will need a pen and paper to complete the tasks.

Test your knowledge or the world's rivers with a quiz here: 


Lesson 5: MFL

Instructions for both

  1. Follow the link to your OAK academy lesson
  2. Complete the pre-lesson quiz
  3. Watch the video. Pause it when you need time to think or answer questions.
  4. Complete the exit quiz


Year 8 French:

Year 8 Spanish: