Student voice

Student Leadership Team

In the summer term, year 10 students are invited to apply for a variety of roles to gain a place on the student leadership team. As part of the application process they have to write a letter, present to the whole staff and attend a formal interview.

Student Leader Groups

This year St James has the following student leadership groups: Equality leaders, Canteen leaders, Literacy leaders, Fairtrade leaders, Digital leaders, Sparx leaders, Charity leaders, Library leaders, Maths leaders and Year leaders. Students applied for their leadership roles in the summer term and started them in September. Each group is responsible for raising awareness within their responsibility area and work with a member of staff to do this. So far this year successes include the year leaders interviewing and providing tours for staff interviewing for positions at St James, a successful Fairtrade fortnight with a range of Fairtrade activities and over £2000 raised for charity.

Student Council

Each tutor group has two students that represent the views of their tutor group. They attend fortnightly meetings with their Year Leaders and their Year 11 Senior Leaders to share their views and provide feedback on school initiatives. In the last 12 months the council has made a change to the school uniform and a move to the bike shed to a more convenient location for students.