Every year 11 has been issued with a personalised revision plan using software which has considered each student’s individual needs and guides students as to what subjects should be studied and when. This has been planned with clear focus and allows rest time over their week as well as assigning specific hours for revision per day. Students have also been issued with a personalised twilight timetable that has been created just for them and reflects their individual needs in the different subjects they are studying.

—Revision Resources—

Top tips for parents

  1. Help them create a timetable – Students will often revise the subjects they most enjoy or find least challenging so by sticking to a timetable will ensure an even spread. Top tip: Place it somewhere for all to see, like a kitchen fridge so there is a regular reminder.
  2. Support them with a quiet revision space – Allocate a table/area that is quiet for revision to be most effective.
  3. Help them avoid distractions – Distractions such as mobile phones/consoles/televisions effects a student’s concentration and memory.  Encouraging students to spend an hour of focused revision with no distraction outweighs three hours of revision that is interrupted.
  4. No social media is key! – How often does a student’s phone go in an hour-social media seems to be instantly reactive so students end up breaking up their revision to reply to a message?
  5. Help students to be active when revising – Reading out of a book is not revising as the information does not go further than our short term memory.  Students have been taught a variety of methods including mind mapping/cue cards/audio techniques etc.
  6. Encourage your child to sleep well – Often students can be up late with a variety of distractions.  Ensuring they get enough sleep will help with their studies and exams around the exam period.
  7. Consider offering them small rewards – Some students are motivated by short-term rewards including positive praise.
  8. Encourage your child to have down time – Students need time to switch off, where they can relax doing something they enjoy.

Self-Quizzing is widely believed to be the most effective method for revising facts. Please click on the following link to watch a short video which will help you to study: