At St James we believe that students should be supported in a way that gives them the confidence to believe in themselves and achieve at any task in life. We offer a range of mentoring to students across all year groups to help them grow in mind, body and spirit.

Assertive mentoring – In year 11 every student is allocated an assertive mentor, a member of staff who they meet with on a regular basis who can work with them to help them approach their GCSEs in a positive way. During their meetings they will discuss strategies for coping with the busy exam period whether this be revision, managing high expectations or managing stress. They will share their post 16 plans and prepare their letters of application for College and discuss subjects they are excelling in or need extra support with.

University mentoring – Every year we work in partnership with Exeter University Students Guild to offer student mentoring from a group of University students. This year our team are working with students in the library after school on Wednesdays as a drop in for anyone wanting to use their subject expertise or advice.

E-mentoring – Working in partnership with Next Steps South West we have offered an e-mentoring program to a group of year 10 students for the second year in a row. This intensive 6 week program offers students the opportunity to be mentored by someone who has been in their shoes and is now at University studying.

Coachbright – Working in partnership with Exeter University we have run our first ever Coachbright program this year. 30 year students took part in a 10 week program where they were mentored in a particular subject area in addition to being mentored to raise confidence and aspirations for the future.

Mentoring for students who need a little extra support – We have several members of staff trained to mentor students who need extra support. Whether this relates to anger management, low self-esteem or anxiety or difficulties at home, our staff are trained to meet whatever needs our students have. Students are allocated the same member of staff as their personal point of contact and they will either meet with them on a regular basis at a set time or will have that person on hand as a ‘go to’ if they feel they overwhelmed at any point.

One-off mentoring workshops – We run various mentoring workshops throughout the year to support the needs of various groups of students. In the last 12 months we have run self-esteem workshops and body image workshops in addition to students working with the Exeter Chiefs to increase confidence and team working skills.

The Beacon – Students spend an hour a week at the Beacon Centre, next door to St James. Here they work with various Youth Workers to learn sharing, resilience’s and develop social skills by working together.

Forest School – Students who are struggling with their attendance and behaviour brought on by struggling with the transition from Primary to Secondary are offered the opportunity to attend Forest School. At Forest School students take part in a range of activities to learn team working and increase confidence and discipline.

Year 10 Literacy Buddies – Year 10 help promote literacy and organisation in year 7 tutor time on Mondays.

Year 8 SPARX Buddies – Year 8 help Year 7 students who are struggling with the demands of SPARX.