Aspire academy & Most able

The St James Aspire academy is aimed at our most able students, it provides the opportunity for extra-curricular projects that will later support Reach Academy applications at Exeter College. This year students have completed an extended project where they chose a topic and question about something they are passionate about, they researched, wrote and referenced their own findings.

As well as this project, students are able to take part in trips to Exeter College and the university of Oxford to help guide them in their choices for higher education.

St James continually aims to develop the curriculum for most able students by offering work to stretch and challenge and activities that enrich as well as promoting high levels of attainment and progress. In class students will be consistently challenged through discussion, academically rigorous curriculums and independent study that promotes a curiosity and love of learning.

As well as rigorous and engaging lessons our most able students at St James are offered exciting opportunities to help develop a curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, visits to Russell Group universities, independent projects and philosophy conferences are just some of the ways we raise aspirations amongst some of our most able students.

Over the past year students have participated in the following events:

  • A visit to Oxford university for a tour and presentation on admissions;
  • An extended independent project;
  • A mock election;
  • Q&A with MP Ben Bradshaw;
  • A trip to the Exeter Reach academy, including attendance at an IB taster session;
  • A debate to celebrate 100 years since woman gained the vote; and,
  • Q&A with the author Phillip Reeves.