Revision Resources

As year 11 prepare for their exams there are a wide range of online resources available to them. Most of these resources are listed on this page, along with information on how to reset login details and who to ask for more information.

Class charts is an online site used by the school to share Independent Study and Revision instructions and resources with home. More information can be found on the quick start guides for students ( and parents (

Subject Resource Description Website
Multiple GCSEPod

A very large bank of video “pods” covering most subjects. The videos range from 2-8 minutes in length and are a very good start for revision. They should be used in conjunction with making revision cards, notes or answering questions.


Reset passwords or more information from Dr Morse (

Seneca is a brilliant site where students are guided through their revision. The site presents students with information in various formats, and then asks questions. The software remembers how students answer, and will ask similar questions again if students are struggling to get them correct.


Currently passwords cannot be reset by school, so it is vital students remember their login details and set a valid email address in their account details.












An online question bank. Students can answer quizzes set by their teachers, or set by themselves. The quizzes marked instantly. This is very useful for checking how revision is going, but the site doesn’t provide any help on how to answer questions so needs to be used with something else.


Reset passwords by emailing Dr Morse (



Youtube – Primrose Kitten: A fantastic selection of videos that cover the entire course. Use alongside making revision notes, cards or answering exam booklet questions. Some videos are very long, be careful of passive revision from *just* watching the videos.


Youtube – FreeScience Lessons: A very good set of videos showing the entire science course. The videos are relatively short, and cover just the content and methods needed.








History Monkey Monkey Revision

monkeymonkeyrevision is an online resource that can select difficulty levels before allowing students to test themselves on things like key dates and events.


Reset passwords by emailing Mr Ovens (
Maths Mathswatch

Students can access video tuition on every GCSE Maths topic at every grade. There are also practise questions. This is what Maths teacher use for Independent Study.


Reset passwords by emailing Mr Brown (
French and Spanish Active Learn

All the KS4 resources and text books online. Students can use the text book to revise, or complete the listening, reading and vocab learning activities.


Reset passwords by emailing Mrs Webster (
Media Studies Youtube and BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize: Useful for generic industries information in particular.


YouTube – The Media Insider: Useful for revision of theories and some industry information.


YouTube – Mrs Fisher: She covers a range of topics – be careful as a lot of it is A-level information and you won’t need that level of detail, so just revise the things that we’ve already covered in class.


Psychology Learndojo


GCSE Revision:

A-level Revision:

Geography Cool Geography Select GCSE at the top and then select the unit of work you wish to revise. It will provide you with key information to help aid revision
Religious Studies Kerboodle

Online books and resources to help revise.


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