We encourage all students to come to school on foot, by bike or by public transport.

Cycling – St James is a Bike-It school and we have a secure bike shed where bikes must be locked. Please note that if you wish your child to come to school on a bicycle, it is your responsibility to insure the cycle, check it is roadworthy at all times and ensure that a helmet is always worn. The school cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage. Please note that bikes should not be ridden on the school site.

Car – The school site (from September) will not be open to parent traffic for drop off and collection, unless you have a disabled badge. We would suggest to parents who drop their child/ren by car to use the Arena car park parking bays (not main road into the Arena) which offer plenty of space and a pedestrian crossing to ensure students can safely cross the road to enter the school site.

Bus – Students travelling on any public transport, including the special school buses, to and from school, are expected to behave properly at all times. The school takes any complaints very seriously and it is important that students remember that they are still ambassadors for the school out of hours.

Please be aware that skateboards/longboards/scooter are not an acceptable mode of transport for students to use to get to school. We do not have anywhere to store them during the day. The County Council provides help with transport for some students and parents should liaise directly with the Council about this, not the school. The information below is taken from their website. Students must adhere to the Devon County code of conduct on buses. Failure to do so can result in withdrawal of free transport and parents will therefore be responsible for getting their child to school.

 Parking Pass


Whose responsibility is it to get a child to school?

All parents are encouraged to consider the practicalities of sending their child to a school which is not within walking distance, unless it is the designated or nearest school, because it is a parent’s responsibility to get their child to school throughout the whole time the child is there.


How do I check if my child is eligible for free school transport?

If you apply for a place at the school designated to serve your home address and you live more than three miles away by the shortest walking route, your child will be entitled to free transport. You can check which is the designated school to serve your home address at or by telephoning 0845 155 1019. Your child will also be entitled to free transport to the school nearest to your home if it is closer than the designated school, provided it is still over three miles from your home by the shortest walking route. Transport can only be provided from one permanent address. If a child lives at two addresses, the parents or carers must nominate one address as permanent for transport. You must let us know if your child’s home address changes and provide proof of this.


What if I am on a low income?

If your child is in Year 7 and your family is on a low income i.e. your child is entitled to free school meals, or your family is in receipt of the maximum level of working tax credit, your child is eligible for free transport to a choice of the three nearest schools between two and six miles of your home.

If you have any questions regarding transport then please contact Mrs Tracey Wadeley-Jones on