In order for students to make the best possible progress at school it is essential that they have a good attendance record. At St James attendance is closely monitored by the school’s Attendance Officer and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. The school works closely with the Education Welfare Officer over issues of truancy and poor attendance. Please note that the school operates Legal Meetings and a penalty fines procedure for cases of poor attendance in conjunction with Devon County Council. Parents will be notified by school if a student’s attendance is below an acceptable level.


Reporting a student’s absence / sickness

If students are absent from school it is essential that parents/carers telephone the school to let us know on the first day of absence. When students return to school they must have an absence note to give to Student Services, even if someone has already telephoned the school, because they are filed on the student’s attendance record. Parents must contact the school for every day their child is absent.


Reporting a Student Absence / Sickness form


Please email,, if you have any medical evidence you wish to provide to authorise an absence. 


Medical Appointments   

If your child has an unavoidable appointment during the school day, your child must bring a letter or appointment card which is to be taken to Student Services. Your child will sign out and sign back in again upon return to school. Students will not be permitted to leave the site without a letter or appointment card. Where possible, we would ask that appointments be made out of school hours so your child’s learning is not disrupted, especially during exam or assessment periods. Non-essential appointments will be unauthorised.


Absence Request

Absence during term time will not be authorised, except in exceptional circumstances and if permission is sought in advance. If you would like to request an absence for you child, then complete the online form using the link below.


St James Absence Request Form