Rewards & Sanctions

Behaviour & expectations of pupils

In school pupils will:

  • Try their hardest in all lessons and show respect for all members of the school community at all times;
  • Have high standards of behaviour in school and the local community and will act as positive ambassadors for St James at all times;
  • Come to school with the correct equipment and in the correct uniform;
  • Celebrate the success of others and encourage each other to achieve high standards of education and behaviour;
  • Respond to the support they are offered;
  • Follow any sanctions which are issued and work to improve their behaviour to avoid further consequences;
  • Demonstrate high standards of behaviour on their way to and from school; and,
  • Take responsibility for their actions and make the most of restorative justice opportunities.

In lessons

  • Presentation of work: all work in your exercise book should be your best work and presented as neatly as possible. Do not draw graffiti or doodle in your book, otherwise you will receive an SBL.
  • Remember to:
    • Draw a margin (if needed) with a pencil and ruler;
    • Write the date (in words), learning objective and title out in full at the start of every lesson, leaving a line between each;
    • Write in blue or black pen – not pencil as it becomes smudged and difficult to read;
    • Write from the margin on the right hand side to the left hand side of your exercise book and write on every page; don’t waste space, paper or trees!
    • Rule off at the end of every piece of work.


You are expected to turn up to every lesson with the following equipment: a pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, exercise books or files, your planner and any text books. In Maths students will require a scientific calculator; in English students will require a highlighter and coloured pencils. You can buy all of the equipment needed for your learning at the library shop. The shop is open every day from 8.15 – 8.55am and at break and lunchtime.

Rewards at St James

At St James, we believe it is extremely important to acknowledge the students who are working hard, achieving good results and making a positive contribution to the life of the school. This document explains the different rewards systems that are in place for this academic year.


Merits are a positive behaviour point, awarded for good levels of effort and work and also when a helpful contribution is made by a student. Merits are added up throughout the course of the year and students receive Merit badges once certain amounts have been achieved. For this year the following thresholds have been agreed:

Bronze             100

Silver                250

Gold                 400

Platinum          600

Once these targets have been achieved, students will be awarded their Merit badge and certificate in assembly.

Headteacher’s Awards and Progress Awards

A student can receive a Headteacher’s Award for academic and extra-curricular activities. They are invited to Mrs Grashoff’s office to be awarded their certificate and prize. Mrs Grashoff also gives out progress awards to students making expected or more than expected progress in English and Maths throughout the school year.

Subject Awards

Heads of Department regularly issue departmental awards which are handed out in in year group assemblies and are usually accompanied by a letter or phone call home. These are given in recognition of high achievement, excellent effort and progress made.

Awards Evenings

Each year group has an annual awards evening to celebrate their success. At these events, awards are handed out across a range of different categories. more information can be found on our awards evenings page.

Rewards Events

Rewards events are held on a termly basis and the activities change from year to year. In the 2017/2018 autumn term, the event was a trip to Clip ‘n’ Climb a buffet lunch and watching a Christmas film in the hall. In the  2016/2017 spring term it was attending a workshop with birds of prey, bowling in Exeter and a burger lunch at the bowling venue. In the 2016/2017 summer term it was a BBQ, bouncy castle and games up on the top field including ice creams from an ice cream van.

To qualify for these events, students must have received no On Calls or SSBL’s and an excellent attendance.

Year 11 Rewards Events

Year 11 spend the year accumulating merits to gain an invite to their Prom. If students have no On Calls, an excellent attendance and get very few SBL’s they will be elligible for a free ticket. Free tickets are also available throughout the year for excellent commitment to St James.