Parents can now consent to their child to be given Paracetamol in school by using the SIMS Parent Lite in the Parental Consent area. Please note for Health and safety reasons students must not carry any none emergency medication on them in school.

St James will hold both caplet and soluble preparations for those who can and can’t swallow tablets. We will only offer the dose recommended by the NHS based on the student’s age. Ensuring that at least 4 hours has passed since the last dose.

Age 10-12 years                                500mg (1 tablet)

Age 12-16 years                                750mg   (1.5 tablets)

Age 16 and over                               1g           (2 tablets)          

 We appreciate that some students may be advised by a heath care professional to take a different dose. Where that is the case please complete the medicines consent form from the website and provide your own supply, and not consent on the SIMs app.

We aim to notify parents via Classcharts that Paracetamol was given at school. However that may not always be possible, therefore your child will also be asked to inform you after school.

Agreeing to consent means you agree with both of the following statements.

  • When asked, my child can reliably answer if they have had paracetamol or a paracetamol product earlier in the day.
  • I will inform school and remove consent should we be advised that my child should no longer have paracetamol.

If you have any queries about this please contact