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Under the new government guidance, schools will be re-testing students for COVID-19 prior to their return to school in January. To allow for this process to be completed, the school will be closed to students on Tuesday 4th January. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but this is necessary for us to be able to complete all the on-site tests in one day.

This means, students should only attend on Tuesday 4th January in order to take their COVID test. Every student will be able to book a timeslot for their test. Students can use this day as an opportunity to complete any additional Sparx tasks, Quizlet, knowledge organiser or postassessment week activities. We will send more information and a link to book a testing slot prior to the end of term.

If your child tested positive for COVID from the 4th October 2021 onwards, they will still be within their 90 days of non-testing and will not be required to take part in this onsite testing. Please email to advise us if this applies to your child, including the date that they tested positive.

If you have previously given your consent and your child took part in the on-site testing in September, there is no requirement for you to give consent again. However, should you wish to withdraw your consent, please email with your child’s full name and tutor group and a short message to say that you wish to withdraw your consent. If you have not previously given consent, but now wish to do so, please email with your child’s full name and tutor group and a short message to say that you wish to give your consent.

If you require a place at Essential School for Tuesday 4th January, please email no later than 9am Friday, 17 December.
Students will be sent home with additional home test kits before the end of term to continue to test regularly at home over the festive season.
We will be following all the latest guidance with safety measures in place to keep everyone safe and look forward to welcoming the students back to full time lessons on Wednesday 5th January 2022.

Take care and stay safe,

Lindsay Skinner