Exeter University would like to ask you to help us in our research on the impacts on Exeter pupils, parents/guardians/carers and staff over the 12 months from March 2020.     

The survey data will provide evidence as to what is needed and wanted going forward – by the pupils, their parents/guardian/carers and teachers.  We are hoping then for an Exeter-wide strategic approach to help all pupils in the EX1-4 area, with suitable support from the University, colleges, schools, trusts and other organisations between June and September. We would very much like to invite your school to take part in this gathering of evidence and then share in the results.  
We have three surveys – one link for each group (see below). All the results come direct to us, they are confidential and anonymised, so no child, school, or parent/staff member is identifiable.     

Do click on the links to have a look – click consent and you can read through it all without answering. Please let me know if you wish to partake. We would very much like to have you on board.     

Please call me if you have any questions – number below. 

Teachers – Have Your Say! Exeter University Survey 

Pupils – Have Your Say! Survey Exeter University  

Parents Carers Guardians – Have Your Say! Exeter University Survey