Amy Grashoff, Headteacher, says, “We are delighted with how well our students have performed this year. They have worked hard all year and their results reflect the commitment they have shown to their studies. The new specifications are very demanding and our students have risen to the challenge that they have presented admirably, showing their determination and aspiration to do well. We are very proud of them; and are confident that they will go on and achieve great things as they move onto the next stage in their education. It has been a true team effort, as it is every year, with students, staff and parents working together to ensure that all our students have the best possible experience at school and achieve excellent outcomes – academic, sporting and artistic – and this year shows what an impact that team approach can have.”

“There have been some wonderful individual successes with a significant number of students achieving a high number of 7-9 grades in their results, including Yuki Aizawa (9), Sadie Bowen (7), Ella Edmonds (8), Aeryn Forbes (9), Adele Menezes (7), Chloe Morgan (7), Anna Schrader (8), Hammam Shinwari (8), Bailey Steadman (9) and Eleanor Tucker (8). “Our results this year have seen our students sustain the high level of performance that we have seen in recent years which we are really pleased with. Headlines figures show that 65% of students are leaving with a grade 9-4 in English &
Maths (a ‘standard’ pass) and 42% with a grade 9-5 in English & Maths (the government’s ‘Basics’ benchmark measurement for a ‘strong’ pass). 77% of students have achieved a 4 or above in English, and 62% a 5 or above, whilst in Maths 70% have achieved a 4 or above, and 48% a 5 or above. The school’s strong performance in the Ebacc has also continued with 37% of students achieving a standard pass, and 25% a strong pass.”