Wow what a fantastic Sports Day! It was a very hot day this year but luckily the clouds were keeping the temperatures down to a bearable level and this helped to keep the athletes motivated along with keeping the overall atmosphere high throughout the day! Can I thank all the staff who helped with the running of the day, whether supporting students in the stands or out on the track completing different jobs and duties.

It was fantastic to see athletes trying their best to score valuable points for their tutor, with their hard work paying off with records being broken. We had six new records set this year, with a couple of the previous records standing for over ten years! We included some new team events this year to provide some extra competition within tutor groups; with the years 7 and 8 completing an egg and spoon race, years 9 and 10 completing a sack race, and finally all year’s competition in tug of war! These new additions went down brilliantly in particular the tug of war were Mr Bedford had the whole of the spectators complete the Icelandic clap! To finish there was the annual ‘fun’ staff vs staff 4x100m relay race to top off a fantastic day all round.

2018 Sports Day Record Breakers:

Year 7

  • Girls 800m – Katy Parke 2m51
  • Girls 1200m – Katy Parke 4m47
  • Boys 1200m – Albie Cartwright 4m27

Year 8

  • Boys 300m – Oscar Ryan 47.46s
  • Girls Long Jump – Bryer Wilson 3m87

Year 9

  • Girls High Jump – Ella Parke 1m31

All records broken show fantastic athletic ability, specifically due to the weather conditions.

tutor winners for 2018 were:

Year 7: 7DZB

Year 8: 8SMH

Year 9: 9JAN

Year 10: 10SJE

New to 2018 we included a house competition were all year groups were split into 4 house colours red, blue, green and yellow. The points that they picked up over the day went towards their selected house which provided some additional excitement as all year groups were invested in every race, throw, jump, cheering on their house colour to win!

Final results showed three houses to be within 20 points of one another, however having one clear winner! In 4th position was yellow house with 1434 points, 3rd was blue house with 1501 points, 2nd was red house with 1508 points, with the clear winner being green house with 1521 points!

With this being my first Sports Day at St James, I would like to congratulate all of the staff and students who helped the day to be a success. It truly was a pleasure to watch high level competition along with great sportsmanship from all! To finish with a quote it would be this:

“Sportsmanship is when an individual walks off the field and you really can’t tell whether they won or lost, because they carry themselves with pride either way”