After school on Thursday, some year 8 and 10 netballers played matches against ISCA.

The year 8 team had been put together with some year 8’s (Charlotte Gray, Emma Duckmanton, Rihanna Traynor, Tallulah Jarvis, Lily Plowman) and two year 10 players (Chloe Morgan and Molly S-Feest). They played extremely well and although they lost, they really showed good spirit and some excellent technical play against a year 9 team. The player of this match was Emma Duckmanton as goal attack.

The year 10 team (Chanel Cox, Molly S-Feest, Jessie Duckmanton, Amy Daysh, Kiera Baker, Poppy Plowman and Nicole Beaumont) also played extremely well. It was a fast paced game and although they maintained their composure and played with good technique throughout. The player of this match was Chanel Cox as centre.