Friday 1st April – Year 10 Online Learning

by | Apr 1, 2022

Good morning,

Today you will be continuing to work on English Literature. Remember that you have an exam this year, so it is vital that you keep up, and that you complete this work.

There is a live lesson for you to join today between 9:35am and 10:35am (period 2). You must log into your school google account to be able to join this meeting.



Complete this Oak Academy lesson revising the theme of ‘responsibility’ in An Inspector Calls.


0935 – 1035

Join a live lesson with Mrs Buckle on the character and symbolism of the Inspector in An Inspector Calls. Have your copy of An Inspector Calls ready if you have one. If not, click on the link below.

Link to online copy of an Inspector Calls

Join this meeting link below and wait for Mrs Buckle to let you in!

 ** you must sign in to your school google account **



Planning and writing a response to the question:


How does Priestley use the character of the Inspector to suggest ways that society could be improved?

Write about:

• what society is shown to be like in the play and how it might be improved

• how Priestley presents society through what the Inspector says and does.

[30 marks]


Share your answer with your English teacher – you can either write it up as a google doc using the google classroom link below or take a photograph of your work and upload.

Link to task on Google Classroom


You should spend this time making sure that your anthology is up to date, and that you have all poems annotated. There are lots of videos on youtube to help you do this.  If you do not have your anthology with you, watch the videos and make notes and we can then stick them into your anthology.


Mr Bruff has videos on all the poems:


If your anthology is complete, read ‘An Inspector Calls’.


If you finish annotating poems before 3pm, read ‘An Inspector Calls’.