What happens in case of severe weather

What happens in cases of severe weather? 

During severe weather conditions, we make every effort to keep the school open for as many children as possible. However, in some circumstances, following completion of a risk assessment and information from the MET office, we may decide that it is necessary to temporarily close or partially close the school. Reasons for this may include:

  • There is a red weather warning for snow from the Met Office.
  • Not enough staff can safely travel into school;
  • There is a risk of injury to pupils, staff or visitors due to the weather conditions;
  • There has been a failure of the school’s heating or power systems;

In such circumstances, we will always attempt to give parents and carers advance notice, however, due to the unpredictable nature of some weather events this may not always be possible.

The decision to close the school will be made by 7.30am on the day itself, and will be communicated by text and email via the GroupCall Expressions app, and by announcements on the school website, Twitter feed and on local radio and the Devon Live website.

If there is no communication to say the school is closed, then the school will be open and we will expect students to attend school as normal. However, if conditions are still extreme, we understand that there may be some children whose departure is delayed until it is safe to walk/drive, and in these situations we would ask parents/carers to advise us of their anticipated late arrival.  If a child is unable to make their way safely to school, please inform us by using the usual absence procedures.

The school understands that closure can be an inconvenience but it is never a decision that is taken lightly and we appreciate parents/carers’ understanding.